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Global Shapers undertake activities that generate a positive impact by increasing each individual Shaper’s ability to improve the state of their community and by providing opportunities for Shapers to have local and global impact. 


The Global Shapers Community is energised by the many interactions generated inside each hub, between hubs and on a global level. 

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Upcoming Events

Shapers Talk: Can Artificial Intelligence do good in the world?

Where and when: 6.30 pm, 29t November, Cafe des Capucins, 1 Rue Beaumont, 1219 Luxembourg
Registration link:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the United Nations in 2015 are the 17 global priority goals to be achieved by 2030. They cover targets such as Zero Hunger, Climate Action, Clean Water and Sanitation and Responsible Consumption and Production. Achieving the SDGs within the timeframe is of crucial importance for the sustained survival of humanity and the global ecosystem, yet the road to the SDGs poses an enormous challenge to the scientific, political and economic community. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential dramatically to accelerate the pace at which the SDGs can be achieved. Wherever AI is developed, its impacts will soon be global. The challenge of ensuring that it is applied in a beneficial manner is a challenge for us all.

In this talk, Dr. Emilia Tantar, AI Lead and Senior Manager at PwC Luxembourg and former COO of Black Swan, will explore the application areas for AI when it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals. She will further discuss how AI can be and needs to be developed in a responsible manner to ensure maximum global benefit for all.

"Yellow Colt" - Mongolian nomadic lifestyle portrayed in film

Where and when:  7pm, 18th October 2018, Cine Utopia, 16 Avenue de la Faiencerie, 1510 Luxembourg

How: Just come to the counter leaving enough time to buy the ticket. The ticket is for 10 EUR, which will be used to cover the cinema rent and copyright. 


We like to say that we are living in a flat world, where globalisation did not leave any place untouched. Undoubtedly, globalisation has many manifestations including economic benefits.  However, on the flip side, the grass is not always greener. Cultural globalization — not necessarily the domination of a specific culture, but rather the unbridgeable disadvantage of some countries, who lack the means to withstand the takeover of their traditional ways of life by the dazzling, well-packaged and branded “culture” imparted upon them around the clock. Although Mongolian Nomad culture is still present, many things are being forgotten and it is proving to be the same for many other cultures. Our Global Shaper, Khulan Baterdene, launched this movie project as reminder of this issue and to raise awareness. The project is organized by Lux-Mon Development asbl, that she leads together with Global Shapers Luxembourg Hub. 


About the movie:


“Yellow Colt”, is a movie about nomad lifestyle, especially Mongolian horses that are deeply attached to their mother nature and origin.The beautifully barren Mongolian plains are the setting for Khoroldjorj Choijoovanchig’s debut feature, an underwhelming tale of a runaway colt and the young boy that rides him to a racing victory. Not quite a coming of age story and not quite about the pains of loss and identity, the film sits on the fence between overly artistic drivel and painfully mainstream uplift.


PS: There will be a small presentation about Mongolia and Nomad lifestyle. ​

Our latest projects

Shapers Talk: Impact Measurement using Artificial Intelligence

Where and when:  Tuesday, 4 September at 12:30 at the European Investment Bank


This SOLEP asbl event is hosted by the Evaluation Division of the EIB and is co-organised with the Luxembourg City Hub of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community. It forms part of SOLEP's latest cycle of workshops on new sources of data in evaluation and of the Luxembourg Global Shapers' knowledge event series known as "Shapers' Talk".

At this event, Fellow Shaper Wladimir Nikoluk, CEO of ImmerLearn and Harvard Master's of Public Policy candidate, will present an innovative approach to use artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize patterns and relevant variables and improve impact evaluation through self-learning in real time.

Mr Nikoluk's biography and talk abstract are available here. This talk will be held in English and will be followed by a sequence of Q&As. Sandwiches and drinks will be provided after the event.

Participation to this event is free. Please note that registration is mandatory and that an identity card will have to be presented at the EIB's main entrance (WKI building) in order to be granted access to the event's venue (EKI building - see EIB access map below).

Main bus routes to the venue are lines n° 1, 7, 16 and 18 and parking places are available at participant's own expenses at the Place de l'Europe parking, next to the Philharmonie.

Deadline for registration is Friday, 31st of August 2018.

You can register by email at

Should you have any question, please contact SOLEP secretariat at

Cuora Consulting: student consultancy


Cuora Consulting is a not-for-profit student consultancy initiated by the Global Shapers Luxembourg Hub. The pro-bono consultancy is run by students and alumni of the University of Luxembourg, who support the activity of NGOs and social enterprises with their own  knowledge, expertise and business acumen. The hub’s members come from different backgrounds including Economics, Finance, Business, Law, Supply Chain, Engineering, Computer Science, and for this reason, the consultancy projects have a wide spectrum of business advice.

Cuora Consulting Luxembourg Hub has been officially launched in April 2018.

If you’re interested to learn more:

  • write to or to our Facebook page Cuora Consulting Luxembourg Hub

  • or send us directly your CV

    We're excited to share that our next meeting will take place on the 8th of September at the Luxembourg Town Hall.

Helping Mongolian Children: Cross Hub Cooperation Project

Concluding statement from Ulaanbaatar Hub: "We are extremely happy to announce that the very first cross hub cooperation project between the Global Shapers Luxembourg Hub and Global Shapers Ulaanbaatar Hub was a success. The wonderful Global Shapers from Luxembourg Hub collected warm clothes for children, blankets, and other essentials that were shipped to Mongolia. We the Global Shapers from Ulaanbaatar Hub received their kind donations and distributed the goods to those in need.

Four families were chosen from the poorest area in Ulaanbaatar with the support from their local hospital. They were mostly single-parent households with more than four children. These families and children struggle everyday to make ends meet. The support the Global Shapers Community will ensure they have new warm clothes for the next harsh Mongolian winter.

This project is a testimony that the Global Shapers Communities and Hubs all around the world does not only improve the state of the world in their local communities but also through cross hub cooperation we can do even more. We are looking forward to future collaborations and again our kindest gratitude to the Shapers from Luxembourg."


Luxembourg Link: Global Shapers and Deloitte Digital

On May 9th, 2018, the Luxembourg Shapers had the unique opportunity to engage in a fresh and thought-provoking conversation on the digital trends and challenges – together with key promoters of the topic in Luxembourg: Deloitte Digital. Hosted by Pascal Martino and Xavier Turquin – respectively Leader and Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital – and in the company of Julien Froumouth – Head of Business Project Management at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, our Shapers had the chance to ask their questions, be listened to, and participate in a debate about very pressing matters.


Within the overall context of discussing current digital trends and challenges, questions were very varied:

To what extent is Luxembourg able to attract tech people?

To what extent is digital transforming rather than “cutting” jobs?

How much is the education system investing in ensuring a digital education?

Is digitalisation in conflict with some of our essential values? E.g. analytics vs privacy?

How can we ensure the integration of the elderly within the digital trends?

Smart cities: how much is about technologies vs adapting to the human being?


Key to the debate were some closing remarks, about how to ensure that intellectually we are ready to accept and participate in the change: as active youth, how can we ensure that we are always up to date with the latest knowledge? 

Read the unexpected – Discuss with people you do not agree with – and remember that in the end it is more about the mind-set rather than about a specific source of information.


The inspiring visit to Deloitte Digital is the first of a series of “field-trips” that Shapers are organising to different institutions, NGOs and associations of Luxembourg, in an ambition to better connect with the stakeholders of the local society.

Make lobby a new hobby! 

Citizen Engagement series - Make lobby a new hobby! The Luxembourg City Hub of Global Shapers have joined forces with Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg, Alberto Alemanno  and his team to bring ‘The Good Lobby’ workshop to Luxembourg’s citizens, students, academics, lawyers, public officials, social enterprises and NGOS. The aim is to democratize lobbying and provide them with the basic knowledge and tools to make their voices heard in the policy process & society at large. 

Present on the day were: Carolina Parisi, Rebecca Bellmann, Giulia Bruni Roccia and Gilberto Vargas.
left to right

Europe's Female Founders 

Europe's Female Founders is a series of meetups across various European cities. 

The events are free-to-attend and feature Europe's best VCs, female founders and CEOs who will provide practical advice and best practices on starting a startup or a career in tech.

The Luxembourg City Hub was the initiator of the first edition in Lisbon with the following speakers: 

Jessica Butcher, Co-founder Blippar, London's augmented reality tech Unicorn

Cristina Fonseca, Co-founder Talkdesk, Portugal's most promising software startup

Mark Tluszcz, Chairman of Wix and CEO Mangrove Capital Partners - Investor in Skype, JobToday and Wix

Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Europe's Female Founders
Street Store: 2015 and 2017

The Street Store is the world's first rent-free, premises-free, free "pop-up clothing store for the homeless", found entirely on the street and stocked by donations.


We distributed hundreds of clothes to homeless people in front of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame.

Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg01
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Street Store Luxembourg
Various other projects 
If you're committed to shaping the state of the world, contact us here:
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Prince Harry, World Economic Forum

"AI and mental-health" Shaper Charlotte Stix wrote an article on Artificial Intelligence and mental-health and how technology can improve and contribute to global well-being. Link:

Justus Bruns Design Thinking

"Design Thinking" Justus Bruns, of the Luxembourg Global Shapers Hub and and partner at VOUW, an art, design and technology company, gave a presentation on Design Thinking in collaboration with the Global Shapers Shanghai Hub in early 2018 sharing and discussing integral ideas and concepts.

Days for Sustainable Development

"Days for Sustainable Development" In October 2017, the European Investment Bank and the University of Luxembourg organised the 3rd edition of the “October Days for Sustainable Development”. Giulia Bruni Roccia and Rebekka Bellmann from the Global Shapers Luxembourg City Hub presented how the Hub contributes to and engages with the SDGs through implemented and current projects.

Charlotte Stix,Artificial Intelligen

"Biases in Artificial Intelligence" Charlotte Stix, Shaper at the Luxembourg Hub, gave a talk on biases in artificial intelligence (AI) and their real-world implications. The event was organised by WIDE, a platform to celebrate women in technology and encourage more women to pursue careers in this sector.

Shapers' Talk

"Shapers' Talk - Green Bonds" First edition of the Luxembourg Shapers' Talk on Green Bonds held at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Bridge to Afghanistan

"Bridge To Afghanistan" Bridge To Afghanistan, a not-for-profit, provides leadership training, employability training and general mentorship for young female university students in Afghanistan via Skype. The aim of the initiative is support young women in their leadership development and to provide international exposure. Co-founded by Eva-Maria Olbers (Luxembourg City Hub) and Mansoor Akbar (Kabul Hub). Website:


"Shaping Davos" Shaping Davos is a concept for a series of live events that uses two-way live streaming to virtually connect 40 cities from around the world with the Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters. In partnership with the RTL Group, we hosted a panel about "Building Trust in Public-Private Partnerships" which included M. Sabbagh, (CEO at SES), M. Wurth (Chairman at Arcelor Mittal), M. Zens (Director of Media & Communication for the government of Luxembourg).

Global Dignity

"Global Dignity" We believe that young people empower themselves with and through dignity. Our goal is to have an ongoing discussion with young people about values in a defining period of their life. We spent a day with kids at the European School of Luxembourg and discuss dignity stories to make values relevant.


Throughout the year, we will be organising conferences to discuss a wide variety of social and economic topics that have been raised by the World Economic Forum. Stay tuned!


If you are passionate about a social cause and wish to make an impact, feel free to get in touch with us. We're always interested in new ideas!

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Charlotte Stix,Artificial Intelligen

"Biases in Artificial Intelligence" Charlotte Stix, Shaper at the Luxembourg Hub, gave a talk on biases in artificial intelligence (AI) and their real-world implications. The event was organised by WIDE, a platform to celebrate women in technology and encourage more women to pursue careers in this sector.